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A Councilman’s Call For Help: Greenville County Council Goes Rogue

Greenville County Council has not been afraid to throw its weight around regardless of what their constituents think. This past summer, the majority of the council rammed through the highest millage increase in Greenville County history. Watch these videos taken by constituents where the council rushed through voting without public comment as constituents voice their…

Richland County Sponsors Doxxing: Your Tax Dollars Used Against You

In an email obtained through FOIA by a concerned citizen, Palmetto State Watch was alerted to the recent email exchange between Richland County Economic Development Director Jeff Ruble and the Department of Commerce. Since Scout Motors’ unexpected move into South Carolina in March, residents of Blythewood have been concerned with the extremely fast-paced development on…

How To Get Involved In Local Government

Want to get involved locally but don’t know where to start? Vicki Simons created a great, concise video on how to speak to your local county council. This can also be used when speaking to town councils, agencies, etc. Click on this link to see her in-depth written structure of how she forms her speeches…

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