Palmetto State Watch

South Carolina's Premiere Watchdog Group


Janis Price – Co-Founder & Chief Muckracker

Janis Price is a co-founder and chief muckracker of Palmetto State Watch, a conservative organization dedicated not only to educating South Carolinians on relevant issues relating to government integrity, but also committed to doing something about it. Organized in 2022, Palmetto State Watch aims to fill a need in South Carolina to inspire citizens to get involved with local politics with the aim of keeping their elected officials accountable.

Raised in rural New York State, Janis Price graduated summa cum laude with a BA in Economics and Classics from HWS Colleges. She has a diverse background ranging from experience teaching English in Japan, to working with homeless in San Diego, and adjusting claims for a major insurance company. For the past 14 years, she has been at home raising and homeschooling her children. The opportunity to educate her children renewed her lifelong spirit of learning and seeking a deeper knowledge in the subjects she is most passionate about. Janis has also lived in Italy and traveled the world extensively. Her unique life experiences, coupled with a drive to promote honesty and integrity in government, make her well-suited to lead Palmetto State Watch investigations.

Alaina Moore – Co-Founder & Chief Noisemaker

Alaina Moore is a native of South Carolina and loves her state so much that she decided not to leave. While being homeschooled, she quickly discovered her passion for law and the Constitution in the 7th grade. She cultivated this passion over the next five years by competing in multiple speech and debate categories garnering local, regional, and national recognition. For several years, Alaina traveled South Carolina teaching young students the art of public speaking, government, research, and debate. Alaina attended Furman University and was selected to compete on the Furman Mock Trial A Team where she assisted her team in winning multiple trophies across the nation. She graduated cum laude with a BA in Politics and International Affairs and Communication Studies, Media Track. 

From a very young age, Alaina has held a strong love for her nation and for the Palmetto State. Truth, Transparency, and Integrity are very near and dear to her heart, qualities that have become foreign to the political realm. After watching first-hand the corruption in political entities across the world and in her own state through her work, Alaina has made it her mission to educate fellow South Carolinians on their constitutional rights, corruption prevention, and the power of organization.

Tanya Eddins – Head Bean-Counter

A resident since a baby, Tanya Avery Eddins has grown to love this Palmetto State she calls home. Raised in Sumter County, Tanya attended public schools and is an alumnae of Clemson University. She earned her B.A. Degree in Language and International Trade.

Her import/export career began in Charlotte, North Carolina at Intertech- International Technical Services Ltd. After 30 days of training, the owner left her in charge, while he traveled around the world for 30 days, with all credentials to act on his behalf of the company in his  absence, including all U.S. Customs and banking responsibilities.  Later, upon review of shipping contracts and networking directly with the steamship lines, Tanya saved the corporation approximately $250,000 in one calendar year from $2400/CIF/ unit to $1600/CIF/unit.  Saving money without any compromise in delivery schedules was Tanya’s goal.  

Intertech experienced a great deal of growth due to the owner’s vision and opportunity.  Tanya’s ability to track and deliver foreign imports, US exports and third country sales facilitated the growth.  

While at Intertech, Tanya was an integral part of victorious verdict of an international trade anti-dumping case against one of the products that the firm imported.  All before the company was fully computerized in its reporting. 

Tanya’s faith has brought her through many trials and blessings. It is woven in the fabric of her daily life. 

Tanya taught school locally and performed part-time retail while her children were young.  She has kept her skills sharp through various volunteer endeavors at church and school. Tanya is involved in politics as well at the local level.  Good governance is Tanya’s agenda at all levels within the community, local, state and National levels. 

“While I breathe, I hope”