It has been confirmed by multiple sources that 3 of the 20 Freedom Caucus members DID sign the loyalty oath that was written by the Republican House Caucus. 

These members are:

Representative Bobby Cox of Greenville, SC – District 21

Representative Steven Long of Spartanburg, SC – District 37

Representative Melissa Oremus of Aiken, SC – District 84

UPDATE: Patrick Haddon of Greenville, SC – District 19

As reported in my previous article, the similarities between the loyalty oath contract and the new GOP rules that were forced through the July 2022 convention are very similar. As stated in Rule 2 (a) of the updated GOP rules, “The spirit and not the letter of each Rule shall be controlling.” It seems that these three Freedom Caucus members were persuaded by the spirit of the loyalty oath and would rather be gagged than uphold the right to free speech for their fellow House members. 

To read the oath, click here. To learn how the Establishment Republicans physically barred at least one Freedom Caucus member out of the Caucus meeting for not signing the oath BEFORE they were officially kicked out, click here.

As the pressure continues to mount from constituents around the state, it is becoming clear which members of the Freedom Caucus are standing their ground and which ones are not. 

However, it is not too late for Bobby Cox, Steven Long, Melissa Oremus, Patrick Haddon and the rest of those in the Republican House Caucus that signed the loyalty contract. They can still tear those three pages that they signed and remain true to their constituents and our Constitution. 

Freedom Caucus members have been inundated with support. Keep calling them. Emailing them.

However, Cox, Long, Oremus and Haddon can’t have their cake and eat it too. It is imperative that ALL of our Republican House legislators stand by their fellow Freedom Caucus members that refuse to compromise their (and our) freedom. It is up to you to let them know.

In a letter written to Edward Tiffin on February 2nd, 1807, Thomas Jefferson declared, “[it] has proved that Government to be the strongest of which every man feels himself a part.”

Do you feel a part of this government? I sure don’t.