On January 18th, 2023, the members of the Freedom Caucus that refused to sign the loyalty oath were officially kicked out of the House Republican Caucus. Read our last article for more details on this loyalty oath.

This comes after numerous negotiations and debates that have been taking place since Mid-November of 2022. For months, the Freedom Caucus has been careful not to share information in order to try and work with fellow republicans. However, their efforts to reason with the establishment that refuse to swallow their pride were null and void. 

These members are tired of being strung along. They are looking to you for help in order to gain their seat back in the House Republican Caucus.

What you need to do:

  1. Contact your lawmakers (especially Davey Hiott, Tommy Pope, and Jay West) in any way possible and tell them to NOT kick out the Freedom Caucus members who refused to sign the loyalty oath.
  2. Tell your lawmakers to rescind their own signature (because more likely than not, they did sign it.)
  3. Demand that your lawmakers GET RID of the loyalty oath.
  4. Share this information with EVERYONE you know. This information is vital to our personal liberties. Our lawmakers work for us, not for a party.