In a video released late Monday night by I’m Fired Up with Chad Caton, former President of the Horry County Republican Women’s Club and current Horry County GOP Executive Committeewoman, Shannon Grady, tells the public about what the Republican Establishment actually does to keep the power controlled at the top and who is involved from her experience.

Along with naming some extremely prominent names in South Carolina and the South Carolina Republican Party, Shannon also added that SC GOP Chairman Drew McKissick attempted to convince a candidate to drop out of the 7th district race and pick different race. According to Shannon, when the candidate pushed back stating there were too many people running in the other race and was unwinnable, the GOP responded: “It won’t matter if 100 people are in this race, if you want this position it’s yours.”

Yikes. Looks like those primaries may not have been as clean as the GOP screamed they were, especially when bombarded with countless accounts of illegialites after the primaries by South Carolinians around the state.

I guess they look pretty clean when the race is already rigged by the party running the election…allegedly of course.

Whistleblower Video (begin at 1 hour 24 minute mark for Shannon):

Don’t fret, there’s more! Horry County Chairman Roger Slagle and EC Shannon Grady went to attend the regular Excutive Committmen Meeting held by the SC GOP on Tuesday, the following day. Drew McKissisk is seen in the video here peaking into the room that Roger and Shannon just walked into and then quickly running away as security is called in to remove them from the premise. How classy!

After being removed, Shannon and Roger filmed a video describing what happened. Watch here.

Sidenote: These state EC meetings are held regulary by the state GOP but are rarely, if ever reported on by the county EC’s in attendance to their local county GOP. In the second video, Fairfield EC Tibi Czentye is standing behind Roger and Shannon with his wife instead of the Fairfield County GOP Chairman (the other individual that is supposed to attend these meetings.) That’s interesting, especially since his wife is not involved with the Fairfield GOP at all. Tibi has been asked numerous times by people in his county to report on these EC meetings but has failed to do so. I guess that’s easy to do when you rarely make an appearance at your monthly county GOP meeting but find time to attend every state EC meeting! Good to know his wife is up-to-date on these meetings instead of the active Fairfield County republican members that attend their monthly county meeting hoping (in vain) for updates.


As suspected, the SCGOP has been actively working against anyone in the party that isn’t christened by the GOP establishment while simutanously calling for ‘unification’ following the primaries. We have seen this in other county GOPs, including Oconee which Chad discusses in the first half of this whistleblower video. GOP Chairman Drew McKissisk has become a dictator rather than a leader of his party and labels anyone that doesn’t perfectly align with him ‘lepers’. It will be interesting to see what happens over the coming months and into the GOP ReOrg that is quickly approaching in March of 2023.

Will republicans in South Carolina continue to let those in charge dictate every decision and position in the state? Will they continue sitting idly by while the establishment continues to gain unchecked power? Or, will South Carolina conservatives finally stand up and take back their rightful ownership of the party? Only time will tell, but I would love to read your thoughts in the comments below!