As the midterm elections approach, a lot of people are approaching me asking who they should vote for. I then admit that I’m quite underwhelmed with all of the choices. The Primaries did a good job of weeding out anyone with really strong opinions, leaving mostly those who prefer to stay in the middle of the road.

So we turn to the next best way that we vote: with our dollars. which is a viable option, and if taken seriously, will permeate your entire life. I don’t pretend to be perfect, as we do still minimally support some of the biggest offender businesses. But we are steadily moving away from them as we become more aware.

Voting with one’s dollars isn’t a new concept, and in this day and age, we ought to be acutely aware of where and how we are spending our money.

I would venture that many of us have something that we prize more than our dollars that we vote with every day but we probably don’t even think about it: our children. Our next generation. What are we doing to cast our vote for our posterity?

Recently I listened to an interview with our state treasurer Curtis Loftis, where he said he would defund our state universities if he had anything to do with it. That’s a good start, but is it enough? I mean, people are still sending their kids to these woke indoctrination centers daily. As Dr. James Lindsay puts it, “if you knew you were sending your child to communist thought reform camps for 35 hours a week, what would you do?” Well, that’s what parents are doing when sending their children to public schools and most charter schools.

I realize that not everyone has the means to pull their children out of the public school system, or forgo sending their children to college, but I would urge you to explore your options and think outside the box. I have met single mothers who have managed to make homeschooling work because they felt so passionately about it. This year there has been a surge in small co-ops of families who are newly exploring homeschooling.

Even so, homeschooling may not be for everyone. I get it. Start listening to Dr. James Lindsey on his New Discourses YouTube channel.

And listen to this interview with Connor Boyack, the author of some children’s books that every conservative should be reading to their children:

Come up with a plan to prevent your children and grandchildren from being subjected to this brainwashing. And please, don’t sit back and do nothing.