Results of FOIA requests we submitted last fall are starting to trickle in. We are committed to increase transparency for the citizens of South Carolina.

We have been following the $75M settlement lawsuit against AG Wilson that recently was filed. After noticing that the AG has reached at least 10 (mostly multi-state), often multi-million dollar settlements in the past two years, we decided to do some digging, as only a handful of the settlement documents are listed on his website.

Head on over to our new Forum to read the documents. You’ll need to request an account from us at if you want to participate in the forum, but the documents from the FOIA are visible to everyone. We’ll be highlighting some findings as we go through them. One thing I noticed on my preliminary read-through this morning was that some of the settlement funds were routed through NAAG (National Association of Attorneys General). Ironically, when I opened up Twitter this afternoon, this article was featured at the top of my feed:

I wonder if this is what the Montana AG was referring to…What do you think?