As the date of the Cast Vote Records lawsuit gets closer, South Carolinians have been writing their legislators and the Freedom Caucus. Below is a sample letter sent to Rep. Josiah Magnuson. Please send your emails and contact your legislators as soon as possible to get the word out! To learn more about the lawsuit, read out lastest article and watch the interview we did with SC Safe Elections Leader Laura Scharr.

Dear Representative Magnuson,

As you know, several of your constituents and other citizens across South Carolina have been heavily involved in efforts to safeguard the integrity of our state’s election process. You and other members of the House Freedom Caucus assisted SC Safe Elections in the summer with a request that Attorney General Alan Wilson reconsider his office’s opinion on the public’s access to Cast Vote Records. The State Election Commission (SEC) and county boards of elections refused our FOIA request of these important files based upon this opinion, which was released just prior to the 2020 General Election. You cited the State Election Commission’s apparent violation of Article 2, Section 1 of the South Carolina Constitution “..ballots shall not be counted in secret.” in your letter to AG Wilson. 

Your attempt to sway the opinion in favor of transparency to the people of SC failed, however, because it is the duty of the Office of the Attorney General to give opinions based upon the information provided to them by the agencies of the State, which is assumed to be valid. Fact finding, according to the Office’s response letter, “is more appropriately reserved to our state courts.”

The people have taken that challenge and are now plaintiffs in an expensive, crowd-funded lawsuit to hold our county boards of elections and the SEC accountable for their unconstitutional and unlawful highjacking of open, transparent elections. But the defendants are unwilling to put up a fair fight; and after months of scapegoating and demoralizing law-fare tactics, they are appealing for a dismissal of the case on Tuesday, February 14th. 

This last ditch effort by the citizens of South Carolina to retain the right to investigate ES&S voting systems accuracy needs our help! Please let your conservative, freedom-loving base know about this hidden battle and ask them to go to to hear an overview of and update on the case and GIVE to help cover the legal costs! This is URGENT!

Please pray for everyone involved. Pray for our state.