The Freedom Caucus in Congress draws much attention from the mainstream press for one reason: They hold Congressional Republicans’ feet to the fire and move the party to the right, thereby giving conservatives a voice in congress.

In South Carolina there is now a new state-based Freedom Caucus operating in our legislature, and I am a proud member of this organization, and the citizens of South Carolina should be thrilled for our state’s future because of this Caucus. Let me tell you why.

The Freedom Caucus addresses a serious problem in our state, namely, that we are rich with “Republican” elected officials throughout our state legislature and statewide offices, yet South Carolina keeps lurching towards more left-wing government and more left-wing policy that is shoved down our throats and forced on us and our children.

I say enough is enough.

When elected Republicans fail to uphold the values of conservatism, they need to be held accountable. We in the Freedom Caucus are here to do that.

Our first order of business was to oppose the loyalty pledge Republican leaders required us to sign.

We said, “No.”

Why? Because elected Republicans should be loyal first and foremost to their constituents and to conservatives who elected them and should refuse to cow-tow to the moderate establishment when clearly South Carolinians expect and demand conservative reform.

These voters want to see Constitutional Carry finally passed—there’s no excuse not to do it. They do not want left-wing indoctrination of our kids in schools. They do not want our children exposed to drag shows in public libraries. They want lower government spending, lower taxes, and a judicial process that does not cater to the far-left and trial lawyer culture that runs Columbia. With Republican elected officials holding mostly all the elected seats throughout the state, we still do not have many of these necessary reforms and policies. This is an abject failure by our legislature to lead the way South Carolinians want.

That is really what the Freedom Caucus is all about—providing much-needed leadership.

Republican leaders have reacted negatively, kicking out members of the Freedom Caucus from the larger Republican Caucus as if the conservative faction is a threat. But we’re only a threat to the moderate, milquetoast establishment that operates in Columbia.

Our motivation is clear. We believe we should use our Republican majority in the legislature to advance conservative policy in our state.

More and more conservatives around South Carolina are answering the call to hold Republicans accountable and stand up and fight. Fight for our rights, fight against woke indoctrination in our schools, and against the assault on our children’s innocence. Fight for the values the constituents in our districts sent us to Columbia to protect and advance. Join us in the fight. Our children and our state are worth it.

Rep. Thomas Beach
Born-Again Christian
Family Man
South Carolina State House of Representatives – District 10
Local Realtor
US Army Veteran (Airborne)
Conservative Republican
Member of the South Carolina Freedom Caucus