As explained in our previous article, H. 4066 is a bill that was slipped in quietly by a state party and is being fast tracked by House legislators. If you read the bill, you understand why. And why there’s a sister bill (H. 3473) that does the same thing and MORE.

Earlier this week, this bill was rushed to a House Judiciary Committee hearing on March 7th, 2023. So, we decided to attend and recorded what happened. Pay close attention to the issues that Representative King raises about the lack of notice to the Democrat Party and the responses from the author of the bill, Rep. Brandon Newton. Rep. Matt Leber, the only Republican to vote against the bill, legitimately questioned how limiting and capping state delegates would negatively impact counties like Charleston, of which he represents. Also note, one of the biggest parts of the bill, removing and extremely limiting the appeals process, was never addressed.

It now goes to the House to be voted on. BTW, the Judiciary Committee Hearing started almost an hour after it was scheduled on Tuesday because the speaker was keeping everyone in caucus meeting trying to sell legislators on the Scout deal (ESG/attracting woke businesses) and making sure it’ll go through. I thought SC was fighting against ESG…🤔

Watch the video of the hearing below and let us know your thoughts.