If you follow legacy media in South Carolina, you’d think our elections go off without a hitch. 

Unfortunately, there is a lot of news that goes unreported to those who would be interested to read such things. Take the June 14, 2022 Primaries, for example. This is what the Post and Courier had to say about the four ‘far-right candidates’ who protested the primary results: SC Republicans reject election challenges from far-right candidates | News | postandcourier.com, resorting to an ad hominem attack on the candidates’ expert witness.

Some of the candidates that protested requested citizen journalists be allowed in to memorialize the event on their behalf, but were denied entrance by the Republican Party. Here is some footage from outside the hearing: Part 1 https://t.me/TheLibertyBelles/3 and Part 2 https://t.me/TheLibertyBelles/6 

At a very well-attended post-primary Elections Commission meeting on July 14th in Aiken County, the Aiken Standard chose to focus solely on one candidate they portrayed as having ‘sour grapes’, where in fact there were a lot of people who spoke concerning a myriad of issues that should be of great concern to anyone – no matter what side of the aisle they’re on: Former South Carolina House candidate Betsy Lamb disputes legality of June 14 primary | Local News | postandcourier.com. Stay tuned for the report on the follow-up meeting on 8/22 where the Aiken County Delegation reviewed the results of a narrow-scope audit of the Office of Registration & Elections in Aiken.

Giving credit where credit is due, the SC Safe Elections group, has been working tirelessly for the past 2 years on their own dime, some for 18 hours a day, to ensure that all South Carolinians’ votes are counted as cast: Welcome to SC Safe Elections – SC Safe Elections. They have discovered some major reasons for concern both in the way the elections are administered in South Carolina, as well as in machine vulnerability. I’d encourage you to take a look through their website. They will also be announcing some exciting news in the very near future as well.

In the following series of posts, I will fill you in on the details of the 2022 Primaries in SC, the ensuing Protest Hearing, and other events relating to elections around the state in the past couple of months. In all of this, please know that my number one piece of advice is to be sure to vote, in person on Election Day, and as late in the day as possible.