Myrtle is becoming SMART + Home to a cables connecting to Atlanta & South America

For the past several years, SMART cities have been popping up all over the United States. Since at least 2018, this initiative has been prepping Myrtle Beach as its next victim thanks to the willingness of Myrtle’s city leaders.

National Geographic reported, “Today, cities are getting “smarter” to provide for improved delivery and quality of services through continuous monitoring of residents and infrastructure, and relatively instantaneous communication of suboptimal performance. To a large extent, this requires heavy reliance on automation, connectivity to the internet, and what is referred to as the “Internet of Things (IoT).” (Internet of Things refers to connecting devices to the internet that can be controlled or can be used to send control information).”

To make a city “smart”, hundreds or thousands of sensors are installed to monitor citizens and infrastructure. This has come in forms of house SMART meters, SMART Energy, SMART transportation, Cameras, and LEDs just to name a few. Biden has pushed this SMART initiative through numerous bills, including his Electric Vehicle initiative and his recent ban of incandescent and halogen lightbulbs to force America into using LEDs exclusively.

While the majority of South Carolinians seem to be against this SMART movement, leaders of cities like Myrtle Beach and Greenville are jumping at the opportunity to implement these initiatives as soon as possible. In an article written in 2018 by Smart Cities Connect, city spokesperson Mark Kruea stated, “We are moving in the direction of becoming a smart city. We’re looking for new equipment that will provide much more information for our residents and our visitors and our businesses.”

In 2018, Myrtle Beach City Council formed and appointed 11 members to the City of Myrtle Beach Technology Advisory Group (also known as TAG.) One of these appointees is Joseph Bonanno, the co-founder and president of Archetype SC which is digital consulting agency based out of Myrtle Beach.

In June 2022, TAG created a powerpoint to present what they have been working on in the city. View it here. TAG has also hosted eMRYge Socials, for networking like this social that was held in January of this year.

In March of 2023, Myrtle Beach’s Chief Innovative Officer Howard Waldie wants to make Myrtle Beach a smart city in coordination with the county, sister cities, and neighboring cities like Loris and Aynor. 15 News reported, “He [Waldie] said the recent construction of the International Technology and Aerospace Park (ITAP) was only the beginning of what the region can achieve technologically and economically.”

Waldie also referenced the groundbreaking of DC Blox as a perfect example as to what can be achieved. For context, DC Blox is a $31.5 million sub-sea cable that connects Myrtle Beach to Atlanta, GA and is the first of its kind in South Carolina. Google is also building a one-of-a-kind fiber cable that will begin in Myrtle Beach State Park and connect to Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay.

In 2013, The Atlantic wrote an article entitled, “The Creepy, Long-Standing Practice of Undersea Cable Tapping” which goes into detail of NSA leaks describing how governments use undersea cables to spy, monitor, and shut down communications between users. I highly recommend reading this article to understand this longstanding surveillance practice.

To make things even more interesting, it was noted in 2016 that Chinese business leaders decided to invest more than $100 million into Horry County. Then Horry County Council Chairman, Mark Lazarus, stated to 15 News, “”This isn’t something they’re looking to bring significant numbers of workers over from China. This is merely an investment for a return.” At that time, “Chinese business leaders” already owned a lot of land in Myrtle Beach and 22 golf courses. It is unclear what those numbers are now in 2023.

As previously reported, McMaster’s EV initiative has been infiltrating every small and large town in South Carolina. Electric vehicles and charging stations play a huge role in making a city “smart.” As I was driving through Myrtle Beach the other day, I noticed all of the Tesla electric vehicle charging stations that have been popping up around the city. The one pictured here is from the Coastal Grand mall:

It appears that Myrtle Beach is in the crosshairs of the global elite and the city’s leaders have been more than willing to escort them in. Let us know your thoughts in the comments and what you have observed.