It seems that the new focus of the uniparty is paying foreign corporations to take our land, buy our houses, build their own infrastructure, and bring in their own people and suppliers to fill any needs they may have. All in the name of green energy and electric vehicles. Who will be providing this space? Well, our politicians decided to sell the souls of our small towns.

In less than two weeks, the South Carolina House of Representatives forced through a bill that would pay Scout Motors, a startup of the woke Volkswagen (who is all about rushing in ESGs and The Green New Deal-like policies) $1.3 billion in state incentives and $400 million taxpayer dollars IN CASH to move to the small town of Blythewood, South Carolina. $400 million that South Carolinians will most likely never see again. Why? Because at the Blythewood Town Hall, I decided to live tweet all the major points that were made. And boy, was it a rude awakening for what is about to cross our border.

Volkswagen is investing 2 billion dollars to create 4,000 jobs, redo Blythewood’s infrastructure, and build a tech college. The East German engineers (as confirmed by Jeff Ruble, the Richland County Economic Development Director) who are masterminding the entire plan, are utilizing 1,347 acres of previous farm land. Because the Germans are so devoted to green energy, they don’t know if they will be using any of the local energy plants based in Richland and Fairfield County (this is almost verbatim what Ruble stated.)

It was made clear that numerous Germans would be moving to the area to take the jobs, but don’t worry, there is a portal application if the locals want to try and pass their standards for the lower tier jobs. Ruble confirmed housing prices will definitely increase because the Germans will be moving to Blythewood in droves! If you are a small business, however, there is no promise for you either. You also get a portal to submit an application if you even want to be considered for business opportunities. As Blythewood Mayor Franklin stated, you should just feel honored that the Germans *cough* I mean Scout Motors decided to pick you out of the 74 other places they were considering. I guess the other areas decided to *stupidly* offer tax incentives instead of 400 MILLION IN CASH. To do what? Oh right, to build electric vehicles that our grid can’t even support. Or did California teach us nothing?

If our shiny electric trucks don’t have an electric grid, at least they will have smart tires that the Vietnamese will be producing out of Allendale County. The Tin Thanh Group, a Vietnamese tire company, is planning to build a plant on Barker’s Mill Pond Road in Fairfax and bringing “…over 1,000 well-paying jobs right on this land” for the Vietnamese along with the housing developments they also plan to build for them when they arrive in South Carolina. How thoughtful.

Remember that bill that the House forced through regarding Scout Motors? That bill is H. 4088 and a handful of legislators did try to fight it. In a three hour long debate, these legislators were ridiculed, mocked, and humiliated by their fellow legislators, both Republicans and Democrats. The 12 that did vote against it were immediately hit with text message campaigns that went out to their constituents saying they were voting to kill jobs “like AOC”. The new Republican Columbia Mayor Daniel Rickenmann took to Facebook to publicly shame them. Other legislators took to social media and newsletters to attack and lie about what happened on the floor. Bill Taylor (R) of Aiken even linked a leftist article attacking the Freedom Caucus in his newsletter to prove his point. Oops, didn’t think we would catch it…but we did.

For your ease, I took the three hour long debate, consolidated it to the major highlights, and attached it below (and on Rumble.) I strongly urge that you watch this video and see exactly what the uniparty is doing to the few who speak truth into the endless pit of the establishment’s dark wallets. At one point, Minority Leader Rep. Todd Rutherford (D) of Columbia, laughs at a member for listening to his constituents instead of a gigantic foreign entity that obviously knows what’s best for South Carolinians. Watch as Micajach Caskey (R) of Lexington acts like the middle school bully who can only disagree with someone by making fun of their voice. It’s disgusting. Your legislators are showing what they truly think of you live, on camera. To them, your opinion is laughable and you don’t know what is best for you. To them, you should sit down, shut up, and be grateful for the crumbs they kick off the table. Like Senator Lindsay Graham said over the weekend, if “you want to speak, go run and get elected.”

Look at who are pushing these “deals”. It’s your senators, representatives, city council, county council, and especially your Governor. Don’t forget where and who they are connected. Governor Henry McMaster, for example, is co-chair of the National Governors Association Economic Development and Revitalization task force, which is partnered with the World Economic Forum.

H. 4088 was passed after third reading with 100 Yeas and 14 Nays. It is now sitting in the Finance Committee of the Senate.

It is becoming very clear that the majority of our legislators forgot who they work for. Don’t take my word for it, take theirs: