This Monday (March 13, 2023) marked the beginning of budget week, and boy, did it show the true colors of our House legislators. a portion (key word: portion) of the SC Freedom Caucus took the week head on with numerous amendments that would cut useless spending, eliminate Planned Parenthood funding, increase state independence, and provide more support to low income state workers, to name just a few. These few legislators worked tirelessly while they were insulted and abused at every turn by both Republicans and Democrats alike from early in the morning until late in the night. Even still, they were respectful and firm, seemingly unbothered by the jabs that were thrown their direction in person and online.

Rob Harris (District 36 ) from Spartanburg was one of those legislators that has consistently stood out. This week he further impressed South Carolinians with his unwillingness to waver and tenacity to go to the heart of any problem, despite constant opposition from the uniparty who wished to make him an example.

On Tuesday, Rep. Harris introduced amendment 75, cutting spending from ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center), the voter-roll management organization that South Carolina has used since 2018. ERIC was founded by long-time well-connected leftist advocate David Becker in 2012, who later founded the Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR) in 2016. While ERIC first received funding from the George Soros Open Society, CEIR received roughly $70 million from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative in 2020 and was responsible for the “zuck bucks” distributed in 2020. For incentive, CEIR grants over $1 million to South Carolina. But I’m sure all of this is just a coincidence. For more coincidences of ERIC (it will either make you laugh or cry but you need to know,) read this in-depth article from SC Safe Elections.

While ERIC is supposed to keep all of the personal information they receive of voters private, they freely send it to multiple agencies and even CEIR, who is creating targeted lists for registration efforts and then laundering them back to ERIC, all for free. Of course, if a South Carolinian wanted this information they would have to pay $5,000+. But why would you want to do that when ERIC’s voter rolls are notoriously dirty? That’s why five of the thirty-one ERIC states have torn up their proverbial contracts (Missouri, West Virginia, Louisiana, Florida, and Alabama.) Missouri’s Secretary of State, John Ashcroft, penned this letter March 6th explaining his decision for dumping ERIC:

It Gets Even Better…

Two huge things happened the day Rep. Rob Harris proposed cutting funding to ERIC:

  1. The Federalist published an article of explanations from GOP state election officials that still choose to defend ERIC and South Carolina’s officials were among the most vehement.
  2. ERIC’s founder, David Becker, announced his resignation as ERIC states begin their exodus.

The coincidences continue to grow…

So, without further ado, I encourage you to watch the clip from March 14, 2023 of Rep. Harris offering the amendment to cut ERIC funding. Pay close attention to which legislators oppose him (including Bill Taylor of Aiken who apparently spent his weekend hanging out with SEC Director/ERIC rep. Howard Knapp,) and see how Rep. Brandon Newton, the GOP’s poster child, is leading the charge once again. Oh, by the way, Rep. Newton is a member of the exclusive globalist/New World Order club: Aspen Institute. Interesting how such a young member was given access…here we thought it was only reserved for big timers like AG Alan Wilson and Senator Lindsay Graham.

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